The Darcy Brothers Blog Tour Stop!

I am absolutely thrilled to participate in The Darcy Brothers Blog Tour!!! I love The Darcy Brothers and I am certain you will too!!!  Darcy licked his lips, which had suddenly turned dry. Oh, for a drink to quench his parched throat, or better still, several sniffers of brandy to loosen his tongue! He was […]

Mr Darcy’s Guide to Courtship: The Secrets of Seduction from Jane Austen’s Most Eligible Bachelor

“I presume that no introduction as to the particulars of my character and social standing are required, and I shall not waste my time and ink in relaying them.” I am still grinning from ear to ear thinking about this book.  Oh how I love that arrogant, pompous Mr. Darcy!  This book was obviously written […]

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy…FOREVER

Today we celebrate the 202nd book birthday of Pride & Prejudice! A while back, I posted a picture on another blog I review for that said “You can keep Mr. Grey, I’m sticking with Mr. Darcy” and to my dismay, several people commented stating they had no clue who Mr. Darcy was! As a Jane […]

Pride, Prejudice, and Secrets by C P Odom

“Seldom, very seldom, does complete truth belong to any human disclosure; seldom can it happen that something is not a little disguised, or a little mistaken.” Jane Austen It is always the completely unforeseen events that lead to the most unexpected consequences, and such is the case in this variation on Jane Austen’s Pride and […]

A Very Darcy Christmas!

    It is no secret how much I love Jane Austen.  I love her with all my heart!  One of the best things about being a Janeite is meeting other Janeites!  I have been fortunate to know and be a part of some amazing Austen Fan Groups and many of them are amazing writers!  Here […]

Review: The Muse~A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Jessica Evans

 The Muse by Jessica Evans   Is she the muse he needs to reignite his passion? Elizabeth Bennet, the newest corps de ballet dancer at Ballet Theater of New York, dreams of rising through the prestigious company’s ranks to become a prima ballerina. When she’s cast in superstar choreographer William Darcy’s newest work, she believes […]

The Man Who Loved Pride & Prejudice by Abigail Reynolds

The Man Who Loved Pride & Prejudice by: Abigail Reynolds A modern love story with a Jane Austen twist.. . Marine biologist Cassie Boulton has no patience when a modern-day Mr. Darcy appears in her lab on Cape Cod. Proud, aloof Calder Westing III is the scion of a famous political family, while Cassie’s success […]

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