Pride, Prejudice, and Secrets by C P Odom




“Seldom, very seldom, does complete truth belong to any human disclosure; seldom can it happen that something is not a little disguised, or a little mistaken.”
Jane Austen

It is always the completely unforeseen events that lead to the most unexpected consequences, and such is the case in this variation on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. One of the crucial points in Austen’s novel is Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s fiery and passionate refusal and denunciation of the equally passionate but infinitely more repressed Fitzwilliam Darcy. What might eventuate if the robustly healthy Elizabeth falls prey to illness for almost the first time in her life just when Darcy comes to call? Bemused by her illness, she hardly comprehends what Darcy is asking, and her simple nod of acknowledgment is misinterpreted as acceptance of his suit by a joyous Darcy. By the time Elizabeth regains her health, it seems that every one of her acquaintance and many outside of it accept that she has become engaged to the last man in the world she would ever have considered marrying. Can she openly demand her engagement to the amorous but prideful Darcy be broken, a course fraught with hazards in the social milieu of Regency England? In a maelstrom of confusion, choices have to be made and disclosures closely considered. Elizabeth knows that nothing in her life will ever be the same, and the consequences will likely spread further than she can imagine.


“I cannot live without her….How can I turn my back on the woman who is the other part of my soul?”

What can I say…   I AM….darcy2

I was so excited for this book. I had the pleasure of reading C.P’s Consequences and completley fell in love with his style of writing. The plot of this book is fabulous! Lizzy is so sick, she agrees to marry Darcy with nothing more than a simple nod…So FUNNY!!! And poor Mr. Darcy as happy as can be because he loves her so much!! The twists and turns that follow this disastrous engagement, make for a rather wonderful read. I was engaged from beginning to end!!  This variation of “What if”  has been different from others I have read. It was a fast, fun, series of unfortunate events that leave our favorite couple in a strange predicament….Do Darcy and Lizzy find their happily ever after in Secrets? You have to read this book to find out!!

 Mr. Odom, Please sir, keep them coming!!

This book was brilliant! I could not put it down!


*ARC was provided by Meryton Press.

*Thank you Jakki for thinking of me once again, I look forward to your emails with these wonderful Austen adaptions!!!


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