COVER REVEAL! Then Comes Winter Edited by Christina Boyd

“Then comes Winter, with bluster and snow, that brings to our cheeks the ruddy glow…” Gertrude Tooley Buckingham, The Four Seasons If you long for a toasty snuggle on a cold winter’s night, this compilation of original short stories inspired by the magic of the holiday season—and more than a nod to Jane Austen—was fancied […]

Blog Tour Stop & Review: Sun-Kissed: Effusions of Summer Edited by Christina Boyd

Summer Lovin’ had me a blast! Sun-Kissed Effusions is a breeze of fresh air in the hot summer sun…PERFECT! Sun-Kissed Effusions was an anthology that was a joy to read.  Every single story had something wonderful and unique to offer.  From Darcy’s French dalliances to traveling with Anne de Bourgh, it is the perfect choice […]

Blog Tour Stop! Suddenly Mrs. Darcy by Jenetta James

Honestly…I would love to “Suddenly become Mrs. Darcy!” I am convinced that all Janeites are awesome!  Every time I pick up another Austen Adaption I go in very cautiously, wondering how this writer can make this one different from the rest.  I know that everyone has their own style and spin on things but when […]

Pride, Prejudice, and Secrets by C P Odom

“Seldom, very seldom, does complete truth belong to any human disclosure; seldom can it happen that something is not a little disguised, or a little mistaken.” Jane Austen It is always the completely unforeseen events that lead to the most unexpected consequences, and such is the case in this variation on Jane Austen’s Pride and […]