Sanditon by: Jane Austen & Kate Riordan

Amazon Paperback Amazon eBook Audible Audiobook Barnes & Noble Book Depository Indiebound Goodreads Link Kate Riordan is a writer and journalist from England. Her first job was as an editorial assistant at the Guardian newspaper, followed by a stint as deputy editor for the lifestyle section of London bible, Time Out magazine. There she had […]

All The Things I Know by Audrey Ryan

By the time I make it back to the table, the two guys are sitting comfortably and chatting with Jane. Mr. Glasses sits across from her, gazing at her in awe. “Lizzie!” Jane says as I approach, “Chip told me that you told him to talk to me?” “Chip?” I exclaim, sliding in next to […]

The Darcy Monologues Edited by Christina Boyd

“You must allow me to tell you…”  For over two hundred years, Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy has captivated readers’ imaginations as the ultimate catch. Rich. Powerful. Noble. Handsome. And yet, as Miss Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” is established through Elizabeth Bennet’s fine eyes, how are we to know what his tortured soul is indeed thinking? […]

My Favorite Austen Adaptions of 2016!

  I love Austen Adaptions, they are the air I NEED TO LIVE!! I didn’t read nearly enough JAFF this year, I hope to read more in 2017! Here are my favorite JAFF of this year in no particular order!!  Now tell me some of your favorite JAFF reads this year!! Save Save Save Save […]

COVER REVEAL! Then Comes Winter Edited by Christina Boyd

“Then comes Winter, with bluster and snow, that brings to our cheeks the ruddy glow…” Gertrude Tooley Buckingham, The Four Seasons If you long for a toasty snuggle on a cold winter’s night, this compilation of original short stories inspired by the magic of the holiday season—and more than a nod to Jane Austen—was fancied […]

Aerendgast by Rachel Berman

To be honest, I don’t read many fiction stories about Jane Austen, so when this one came to my attention I was excited to read it. I am pleased to say, I was not disappointed.  I thought the plot was well thought out and the pacing was great.  Although Mystery and Suspense books have always […]

A Very Darcy Christmas!

    It is no secret how much I love Jane Austen.  I love her with all my heart!  One of the best things about being a Janeite is meeting other Janeites!  I have been fortunate to know and be a part of some amazing Austen Fan Groups and many of them are amazing writers!  Here […]

Sass & Serendipity by: Jennifer Ziegler

 Sass and Serendipity by Jennifer Ziegler Age Level: 12 and up | Grade Level: 7 and up For Daphne, the glass is always half full, a situation is better managed with a dab of lip gloss, and the boy of her dreams—the one she’s read about in all of her novels—is waiting for her just […]