The First Rule of Punk by: Celia C. Pérez,

  From debut author and longtime zine-maker Celia C. Pérez, The First Rule of Punk is a wry and heartfelt exploration of friendship, finding your place, and learning to rock out like no one’s watching. There are no shortcuts to surviving your first day at a new school—you can’t fix it with duct tape like you would […]

Don’t Miss These Amazing Chapter Book Adventures!

Talking cats and boys with antennae might seem pretty weird–but not if you’re from Planet Z!   Zeke Zander and his family are aliens from Planet Z. So when their spaceship crashes on earth, they must pretend to be humans until they can fix their ship and return home. But with antennae on their heads […]

TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY by Jay Asher 10th Anniversary Edition

I remember reading this book about 9 years ago as a brand new English teacher. Upon completion, I knew it was going to be a game changer in YA Literature. I came across it again in library school a few years later and was not surprised to see that it was. It helped change the […]

AUTHOR GUEST POST! Laura Marx Fitzgerald 25 Random Facts!

We are so excited to have Laura Marx Fitzgerald on our blog today!  Michael and I both loved   Under the Egg!  So much in fact that it is one of the first books we set on our Margie’s Must Reads Traveling Books Trail! We dropped it off at a Starbucks in McAllen, Texas and since […]

Froggy Goes to the Library by Jonathan London

We loved this book. As a librarian myself, we see so many Froggy’s in the library even at the high school level and that’s OK!  It is great for kids to be excited to visit their library; there is always something for everyone! Libraries should be a lively place, I think it is important to […]

Mr. Mischief and the Leprechaun (Mr. Men and Little Miss)

Mateo is finally at the age where he is not sticking every book in his mouth and he doesn’t try to tear them anymore!  So we have graduated to paper books and are experimenting in this area in addition to the wonderful sturdy board books. I was excited when this one came in the mail […]

Sweet Home Alaska by Carole Estby Dagg~ Author Interview!

Tell us a little about yourself and your books. After working as a librarian for many years, surrounded by books, I finally worked up the courage to write books myself. My first book, The Year We Were Famous, was based on family lore about my Great-grandmother Helga’s 4,000-mile walk with her daughter Clara across the […]

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