Michael Reviews My Brother’s Secret by Dan Smith

Michael Reviews My Brother’s Secret by Dan Smith

Michael Reviews My Brother’s Secret by Dan SmithMy Brother's Secret by Dan Smith
Also by this author: My Friend the Ememy
Published by Scholastic on July 28, 2015
Genres: Children's Fiction (Tween), Coming of Age
Format: Hardcover
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A fascinating new perspective on World War II; a fictitious, personalized take on the real-life rebel German youth group, the Edelweiss Pirates.

Karl Friedman is only twelve, but like all boys his age in Germany, he's already playing war games, training to join the Hitler Youth. Stefan, Karl's nonconformist older brother, wants nothing to do with it. Then their father is killed, and what had been a game suddenly becomes deadly serious. Karl's faith in the Fuhrer is shaken: Is Hitler a national hero--or a villain? What is the meaning of the flower symbol stitched inside Stefan's jacket, and what is the mission of the shadow group he belongs to? Karl soon finds out as he joins his brother in a dangerous rebellion against the burgeoning threat of Nazism.


I was so excited to receive this book early.  This book has action from the beginning to the end.  I also loved how fast the plot moved.  My heart raced throughout the whole book wondering what would happen next.  It is believable because it represents how evil the Nazi’s were and how people fought back.  Dan Smith has made me one of his readers for life.  Thank you for the book Mr. Smith. 

I give it 5 Top Hats!




  My Brother’s Secret is a compelling novel !  It takes you on a great  adventure, filled with fascinating history and has an engaging storyline.  A sure win in your classroom, library or for the young history buff in your life.

Perfect for reluctant readers, boys and girls alike.