Michael Reviews My Friend the Enemy by Dan Smith

Michael Reviews My Friend the Enemy by Dan Smith

Michael Reviews My Friend the Enemy by Dan SmithMy Friend the Ememy by Dan Smith
Also by this author: My Brother's Secret
on July 4th 2013
Genres: Children's Fiction (Tween)
Pages: 368 pages
Format: Paperback
Peter feels compelled to help a wounded German pilot, but he doesn't want to be a traitor--especially not to his father, who is off fighting the Nazis. A moving story about the moral dilemmas of war.

Summer 1941: For Peter, the war is a long way away, being fought by his father and thousands of other British soldiers against the faceless threat of Nazism. But war comes frighteningly close to home one night when a German jet is shot down over the neighboring woods. With his feisty new friend Kim, Peter rushes to the crash site to see if there's anything he can salvage. What he finds instead is a German airman. The enemy. Seriously wounded and in need of aid...

Continuing in the tradition of thought-provoking literature about the Second World War, Dan Smith's MY FRIEND THE ENEMY is a thrilling adventure that also personalizes the moral dilemmas faced by the children left behind on the home front.

MichaelsreviewMy Friend the Enemy is a fantastic book to read. You will see action very often throughout the book.  It was cool when the plane crashed down and Peter and Kim almost got caught by the soldiers. But it was sad because Peter suffers a tragic loss. The end of the story lifts your spirits by telling you what happened to everyone.  I personally liked this book because of all of the action the author wrote and how the author described everything so perfectly.  I recommend this book for junior high kids or higher because it is kind of gory and inappropriate for younger readers. 

I give this book five top hats!




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