Michael Reviews My Brother’s Secret by Dan Smith

I was so excited to receive this book early.  This book has action from the beginning to the end.  I also loved how fast the plot moved.  My heart raced throughout the whole book wondering what would happen next.  It is believable because it represents how evil the Nazi’s were and how people fought back.  […]

Michael Reviews My Friend the Enemy by Dan Smith

My Friend the Enemy is a fantastic book to read. You will see action very often throughout the book.  It was cool when the plane crashed down and Peter and Kim almost got caught by the soldiers. But it was sad because Peter suffers a tragic loss. The end of the story lifts your spirits […]

World War II by Sean Callery

SUMMARY A comprehensive modern reference book all about World War II for expert readers. It’s nearly 70 years since World War II ended, but its after effects are still shaping our world. Nicknamed THE DEADLIEST CONFLICT IN HISTORY, it claimed at least 50 million lives. It was also the backdrop to atrocities we are still […]