Confessions of a Reformed Tom Cat by Daisy Prescott

Confessions of a Reformed Tom Cat by Daisy PrescottConfessions of a Reformed Tom Cat by Daisy Prescott
Series: Modern Love Stories
Also by this author: Bewitched, Small Town Scandal
on February 23, 2015
Genres: Romantic Comedy, Women' Fiction, Women's Literature
Format: eARC
I, Thomas Clifford Donnely, am a manwhore.

I’ve been told I’m irresistible to women. Like catnip for a different type of pussy-cat. I guess you could call me a Tom Cat.

This is the story about how I lost my wingman, broke all my own rules, and found myself falling in love.

Tom Donnelly isn't the marrying kind, or the dating kind. Even after losing his #1 wingman to love, he doesn't see the point in relationships. When his sister's best friend returns to Whidbey Island and propositions Donnelly for a one-night stand, he breaks one of his biggest rules—no fooling around with his sisters' friends. It's just sex, nothing more. That's what Tom does and does well.

What happens when "just sex" isn't enough?

Hailey King is more than a match for Tom's flirtations. She's known him most of her life and has heard the rumors about his "skills" for years. When her perfectly planned future falls apart, will the last man she should ever fall for turn out to be more than a one-night stand?




Thomas Clifford Donnely is my new book boyfriend. 

Growing up with guys a little bit like this, I never judged a guy for hitting it and quitting it.  It was a sport for me to see.  I would analyze and take bets on who would go and who would stay, so right away Tom was special in my heart, he reminded me of my best friends. Just knowing that one day he would be bit by the love bug made it so much fun for me to follow along. How can you not love someone who is absolutely honest, genuinely caring and an all around great guy despite his Tom Cat reputation? Oh!  And I love that his boat is named Master Baiter. 


Dimples make me swoon.

I love dimples.  Plain and simple…So every time he “pulled out the dimples”  I loved him even more.  I love how he used them as a weapon, as a lure….yeah he’s so good with those things.


Strong female heroines are my favorite

I love Hailey.   I love a take charge,  no-nonsense, witty kinda gal.  She is both hard and soft and his match in all ways. 


I love the chase. 

This book had me laughing, smiling, laughing, fanning, the whole way though.  Daisy has a knack at giving us passion as well as humor, sexy times that leave you breathless yet have you grinning from ear to ear.


I love Daisy Prescott.

I love her, love her!  I would love to take this gal out for a drink and talk.  Book talk, hot guy talk, and make her my bestie.

5 Easy Breezy Hearts!

5 hearts


“Tourist would dwindle to drabs and that meant my pickings for hook-ups were about to decline.”

“Stop with the dimples, Donnelly!”

“I fell into dating Hailey like falling off a boat: panicked and fighting at the beginning but floating on the surface with little effort once I accepted I was in the water.”.