COVER REVEAL!!! The Keeper by Guadalupe Garcia McCall

COVER REVEAL!!! The Keeper by Guadalupe Garcia McCall

The Keeper by Guadalupe Garcia McCall
Genres: Children's Books, Children's Fiction (Tween), Middle Grade, Young Adult
Oregon was a bad idea. James has known this from the second his parents told him about their seemingly perfect new house in the perfectly friendly town of Brentville. Of course, even he couldn’t have predicted just how bad— and terrifying—their new lives would be. No sooner have James and his family arrived in their new home than he starts getting mysterious and sinister letters from someone called the Keeper. Someone who claims to be watching him. Someone who is looking for “young blood.” James and his sister, Ava, are obviously in danger. But the problem with making a fuss about moving and having a history of playing practical jokes is that no one believes James—not even his parents. Now James and Ava need to figure out who is sending the letters before they become the next victims in their neighborhood’s long history of missing children. Because one thing is clear: uncovering the truth about the Keeper is the only thing that will keep them alive.
Praise for The Keeper:
“Creepy and menacing with a gripping mystery.” —ELLEN OH, award-winning author of Spirit Hunters and Finding Junie Kim
“Amid plenty of twists and turns, García McCall explores a powerful truth—the ability of family to protect and preserve us.” —ADRIANNA CUEVAS, author of Pura Belpré Honor Book, The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez 
“Creepy and tense, The Keeper had me turning pages long into the night.” —RONALD L. SMITH, award-winning author of Hoodoo 
“Brave, brilliant, and big-hearted, siblings James and Ava face danger as our community always has—with solidarity, love, and the wisdom of our ancestors.” —DAVID BOWLES, author of They Call Me Güero and the 13th Street series  
Guadalupe Garcia McCall was born in Mexico and moved to Texas as a young girl, keeping close ties with family on both sides of the border.  She has written four other books as well as many poems for children. Like James, Guadalupe moved from Texas to the Pacific Northwest, and though she loves taking nature walks in the great outdoors, she doesn’t go out alone at night because she knows there’s all kinds of cucuys out there!

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