Home Sweet Motel (Welcome to Wonderland #1) by Chris Grabenstein

Home Sweet Motel (Welcome to Wonderland #1) by Chris GrabensteinWelcome to Wonderland: Home Sweet Motel by Chris Grabenstein by Chris Brabenstein
Series: Welcome to Wonderland #1
Published by Random House Books for Young Readers Format: Hardcover
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Eleven-year-old P.T. Wilkie may be the greatest storyteller alive. But he knows one thing for a fact: the Wonderland Motel is the best place a kid could ever live! All-you-can-eat poolside ice cream! A snack machine in the living room! A frog slide! A giant rampaging alligator! (Okay, that last one may or may not be made up.) There’s only one thing the Wonderland doesn’t have, though—customers. And if the Wonderland doesn’t get them soon, P.T. and his friend Gloria may have to say goodbye to their beloved motel forever.

They need to think BIG. They need to think BOLD. They need an OUTRAGEOUS plan. Luckily for them, Gloria is a business GENIUS, and OUTRAGEOUS is practically P.T.’s middle name. With Gloria’s smarts and P.T.’s world-famous stories and schemes, there’s got to be a way to save the Wonderland!

BONUS: Includes fun extras like P. T. Wilkie’s outrageous (and sometimes useful) things you learn living in a motel. Installment 1: How to say “Help! The toilet is clogged!” in over twenty languages!

 Home Sweet Motel is perfect for the Middle School set! Filled with extras and great illustrations, this hilarious adventure set in a family motel is sure to win the hearts of many.  I love Chris Grabenstein and this book really solidified why, he is an amazing tale weaver!  

I had a blast reading this book.


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