You Give Love a Bad Name by Marilyn Brant

You Give Love a Bad Name by Marilyn Brant

You Give Love a Bad Name by Marilyn BrantYou Give Love a Bad Name by Marilyn Brant
Series: Mirabelle Harbor Series, Mirabelle Harbor Series #3
Also by this author: The One That I Want, Take a Chance on Me, Coming Home
Genres: Austenesque, Chic-Lit, Mr. Darcy Romance, Mr. Darcy Type Characters, Romance
Format: eARC
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YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME is Book 3 in Marilyn Brant's Mirabelle Harbor series, but this story and all of the contemporary romances in this series can be enjoyed as stand-alone novels.

"Nothing but love, 24/7" is the slogan of Mirabelle Harbor's only radio station, 102.5 "LOVE" FM. On the verge of turning thirty-five, local DJ Blake Michaelsen is well-known for several reasons: his very sexy on-air voice, his omnipresent family, his eligible bachelor status, and his reputation as one of the most impulsive men in Chicago's northern suburbs.

High-school French teacher and lifelong romantic Vicky Bernier is not at all wild about people who exhibit reckless conduct. (Blake.) Or men who have gigantic egos. (Blake.) Or grownups who still act like teenagers. (Blake, again.) She deals with enough adolescent behavior during the school day. Unfortunately, she's the staff advisor to the Homecoming Committee, and they've chosen him as their DJ for the big fall dance.

What happens when a man whose job it is to play love songs for a living is forced to admit his deepest secret-that he doesn't believe in true love-only to discover that the one woman who might capture his heart is the same woman who distrusts him the most?

No matter what you call it, with love there's an exception to every rule. YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME, a Mirabelle Harbor story.


I love Marilyn Brant books.  I actually squeal with delight when I find out she has a new one coming out. The Mirabelle Harbor Series is an absolute favorite of mine, I have enjoyed every single one of these contemporary romance novels.

I have to say that You Give Love a Bad Name is my favorite of the series thus far. The “Enemies to Lovers” trope is my FAVORITE STORY-LINE EVER!!  “The Mr. Darcy” Romance, I like to call it.

Well this book was exactly that! We meet Vicky, the spunky French Teacher, who loves her JAFF, believes in happily ever after and true love. She is unimpressed with local celebrity DJ Blake Michaelsen and has her preconceived notions about him. (LOVE IT)

Well Blake Michaelsen thinks the French teacher is tolerable but not handsome enough to temp him and the story begins….

You Give Love a Bad Name is a sweet, yet sexy, modern day romance about setting aside your pride and working through your prejudices to find that one true love.

I loved it!



Mirabelle Harbor Series by Marilyn Brant


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