COMING HOME: A Mirabelle Harbor Duet by: Marilyn Brant

I love coming home to Mirabelle Harbor! This duet is my favorite of the whole series, truly the best for last. I have enjoyed my time in this cute little seaside cove and I am a little sad it has come to an end. I adore everyone in town, including Rick and Abby from Rocket […]

You Give Love a Bad Name by Marilyn Brant

I love Marilyn Brant books.  I actually squeal with delight when I find out she has a new one coming out. The Mirabelle Harbor Series is an absolute favorite of mine, I have enjoyed every single one of these contemporary romance novels. I have to say that You Give Love a Bad Name is my […]

Review & Excerpt! Take a Chance on Me by Marilyn Brant

  New Marilyn Brant books equal Happiness to me!  I love the folks of Mirabelle Harbor!  This new series is pleasantly romantic! I love Chance and his moody, broody temperament. His charming arrogance reminds me of a certain romance hero I adore.  Nia was awesome!  I love a girl who loves to eat!  She comes […]

Review! The One That I Want by Marilyn Brant

Marilyn Brant writes romance that draws you in and keeps you captured from start to finish.  There were so many things I loved about this book…so many!!  I totally related to Julia and her young life as a fangirl, she reminded me of me and my best friend who are still very much the same […]

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