Review & Excerpt! Take a Chance on Me by Marilyn Brant

Review & Excerpt! Take a Chance on Me by Marilyn Brant

Review & Excerpt! Take a Chance on Me by Marilyn BrantTake a Chance on Me by Marilyn Brant
Series: Mirabelle Harbor, #1
Also in this series: The One That I Want
Also by this author: The One That I Want, You Give Love a Bad Name, Coming Home
Published by Twelfth Night Publishing Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC
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TAKE A CHANCE ON ME is a standalone romantic-comedy novella & Book 1 in Marilyn Brant’s Mirabelle Harbor series. Dedicated personal trainer Chance Michaelsen falls hard for Nia Pappayiannis—his complete opposite and a member of the family that owns the Greek bakery just down the street from his gym. He considers their pastries to be the enemy of good health, but he can’t quite shake his attraction to Nia, who doesn’t seem nearly as impressed with him or his sculpted physique as most of the women around town.Unfortunately, between her doctor’s orders and the interfering ways of Chance’s crazy-making ex-girlfriend, who just happens to be one of Nia’s long-time friends, Chance gets assigned to be Nia’s fitness coach for the month. Pure torture. And if his ex weren’t already causing enough problems, he also has to deal with Nia’s current boyfriend—some hotshot Chicago CEO who talks big but, in Chance’s opinion, is as fake as a Styrofoam barbell. Nia may have her doubts about a romance with him, but Chance has a well-developed competitive streak and might just be willing to give it a shot...if he can convince her to do the same. In matters of the heart, would you risk it all?


New Marilyn Brant books equal Happiness to me!  I love the folks of Mirabelle Harbor!  This new series is pleasantly romantic!

I love Chance and his moody, broody temperament. His charming arrogance reminds me of a certain romance hero I adore. 

Nia was awesome!  I love a girl who loves to eat!  She comes from a big, Greek family that owns a bakery, so their life revolves around food and they are all super fun!

When this health nut meets this sugar loving Greek girl, sparks fly! The chemistry between these two is scorching HOT! 

Take a Chance on Me was a sweet and sexy romantic comedy with two head strong leads that prove opposites attract in a super sexy way!

5 hearts


(in Nia’s POV)
I couldn’t dismiss Chance’s gaze. As we sat across from each other in the steaming sauna, he watched my every movement, noticing each inch of exposed skin, which wasn’t much on my side, really. The white towels gave comprehensive coverage. They were jumbo sized, so only my shoulders, arms, lower thighs, calves, and feet were visible.
But Chance took in every bit, and I squirmed under that level of scrutiny.
He abruptly stood up and walked over to me. With no shirt as a shield, there was nothing that could camouflage his incredibly buff upper body. Bet he did more than torso twists to get that six pack, huh? Even more than wanting to touch him, though, I wanted to know what he was thinking. My attention kept getting drawn back to his face. To his inquisitive hazel eyes.
He stood in front of me and pulled me to standing. “Turn around,” he whispered.
“Why?” I murmured, glancing at the door. There was an oval sliver of a window where people walking by could peek in on us, if they were so inclined.
“I’m going to rub your shoulders,” he said simply. “Don’t worry. I’ll stop anytime you want, but now’s the best time to loosen those tight muscles. You can lean against the wall for balance.”
There was almost nothing in the world I wanted more than to feel Chance’s hands on my skin. Between his nearness to me, my anticipation of his touch, and the blazing temperature of the sauna, I could only take quick, shallow breaths but, nevertheless, I turned around.
From the very second his fingertips connected with the top of my shoulders, it was all I could do not to gasp or moan. He had magic hands, that man. A grip that was strong, firm, but not pinching. My neck and shoulders had never felt better.
I could only imagine what he could do to my back if I were to throw the towel on the floor and let him rub whatever he wanted, or wherever he wanted. Aunt Helen would be evoking all kinds of prayers to the blessed Virgin if she knew what I was thinking.
“You really missed your calling,” I managed to say.
Chance made that low chuckling sound that sent a bolt of desire from my ears to my toenails. “I have some background in deep tissue and Swedish massage,” he told me. “Board certified, actually. But I’m very selective in choosing my clientele for that service.”
The air in the sauna must have hit about three thousand degrees when he spoke. I was burning up. But he continued to rub only above the towel line. Nothing remotely inappropriate. And his self-control made me want to scream, “Go lower! Push the towel down, Chance. Tell me you want me half as much as I want you.”
Instead, I just sighed, and his fingers stilled. No!
He very gently turned me around to face him, lowered his head until his lips were millimeters from mine, and whispered, “Number 127 Arpeggio Avenue. Apartment 3.”
“What?” I asked. There was steam all around us and, more than that, my brain was in a fog.
“That’s my address. Just two blocks south of here.” He paused. “It’s your choice, Nia. But remember your question when we were texting tonight? When you asked if I was propositioning you?”
I nodded. Oh, yes. I remembered. He’d written: If I were propositioning you, I’d say to meet me at my apartment…
“So,” he said slowly, “if you would like, meet me at my apartment.” Then Chance smiled, stepped away from me, and walked out of the sauna.
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