My Top Heroes of 2015!

It is very hard for me to pick a few favorites of anything! When I love something I love it FULL FORCE! Heroes and Heart-Breakers in Romance are my weakness! I love all kinds of Book Boys! There were sooooo many great heroes in the romance of 2015!! Out of the 150 or so Contemporary […]

The Best for Last by Maria Geraci

Maria Geraci is one of my FAVORITE authors of Contemporary Women’s Fiction. The Best for Last is a prequel to her amazing Whispering Bay series.  I have grown to love the folks of Whispering Bay. They are a hilarious troupe with their meddling ways, yet always having the best of intentions. Steve and Kitty seem […]

Book Tour & Giveaway! That Man of Mine by Maria Geraci

“There was something about a bad boy that made a good girl go stupid.”  Maria saved the best for last in her Whispering Bay Series with That Man of Mine. I fell in love with all the characters of Whispering Bay but as a Janeite, I love a tall, dark, handsome, brooding man and let […]

MUST READ ROMANCE! Then He Kissed Me by Maria Geraci

“What do you do on Saturday nights? Pilar asked. “Watch old movies. And…sometimes sew.” This is the story of Lauren’s life. After a failed shot gun marriage, she regrets nothing other than next time, if there is a next time, to marry for love. Lauren is a strong, independent woman, a great mom and a […]