The Best for Last by Maria Geraci

The Best for Last by Maria Geraci

The Best for Last by Maria GeraciThe Best for Last by Maria Geraci
Series: Whispering Bay #4
Also in this series: Then He Kissed Me, That Man of Mine
Also by this author: A Girl Like You, Then He Kissed Me, That Man of Mine, Hold on to Forever, Why Can't This Be Love
Genres: Chic-Lit, Contemporary Romance, Romance, Romantic Comedy
Format: eARC
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Welcome back to a world where smart heroines and hot heroes collide in the picturesque beach town of Whispering Bay!

Kitty Burke’s biological clock isn’t just ticking, it’s gonging. But who wants to be tied down by marriage and a minivan when you have an amazingly sexy boyfriend who worships the ground you walk on? Sure, Steve has never said those three magic words. But, Kitty knows he loves her. Some guys just have a hard time expressing their feelings, right? Right.

After three failed marriages, Steve Pappas is in no hurry to walk down the aisle a fourth time. As a matter of fact, he has no desire to ever say “I do” again. He’s a successful self-made millionaire, but despite the best of intentions, marriage is one arena he’s been unable to conquer. Kitty is funny, sexy, and whip smart—everything Steve has ever wanted in a woman and more. Their life is perfect the way it is now. So why rock the boat and ruin everything with a piece of paper that doesn’t mean anything?

When Kitty’s aging playboy father unexpectedly decides to tie the knot, Kitty realizes she’s been fooling herself. She does want it all—marriage, kids, but most especially, a man who isn’t afraid to openly declare his feelings. Can she convince her commitment-phobic boyfriend to take the ultimate chance? Or will she be forced to settle for Happy For Now instead of Happily Ever After?


Maria Geraci is one of my FAVORITE authors of Contemporary Women’s Fiction. The Best for Last is a prequel to her amazing Whispering Bay series.

 I have grown to love the folks of Whispering Bay. They are a hilarious troupe with their meddling ways, yet always having the best of intentions.

Steve and Kitty seem to have it all! Good looks, money and lots of fun together…but as time passes, the absence of a ring on Kitty’s finger has many of her friends beginning to question Steve’s intentions. See what happens when you have a ridiculously hot bachelor, a Bunco Babe and a town full of noisy neighbors with nothing better to do than to get their hometown sweetheart hitched!

I loved it!  I laughed, I cried and fell in love with Steve Pappas!