GHOULIA By: Barbara Cantini

GHOULIA By: Barbara CantiniGhoulia by Barbara Cantini
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Ghoulia lives in Crumbling Manor with her Auntie Departed and spends most of her time playing with Tragedy, her beloved albino greyhound. But things aren’t as easy as they seem for this little zombie girl—all she wants is a real friend. She tries to venture past the manor’s walls, but she can’t hide her pale green skin or the deep purple circles under her eyes. The other children will be afraid of her, and no one will want to be her friend. But when Halloween rolls around, Ghoulia hatches a brilliant plan. All the other, ordinary children will be dressed up like monsters, so Ghoulia can go out into the town and be entirely herself. In the end, all the kids realize that Ghoulia is (almost) just like them and learn that friendship can come in many forms.

Making New Friends Can Be Scary

A Book Review by Emma C. Ovalle

                        Hi, I am Emma Ovalle. I will be reviewing the book for you.  This is my first review and I hope you like it. I am only 9 yrs old and I can not wait for my next review.    

This book was written in Italian first then translated to English. It is about a zombie girl named Ghoulia.  She lives with her monster relatives and wants to make human friends in a town nearby.  Her aunt won’t let her interact with humans but  Ghoulia discovers a way to interact with kids in the town.  I won’t give away the ending but this is a great example of not judging a person by how they look, but instead, by who they are. This is a story that teaches us about accepting everyone no matter what.

If you have ever seen Caroline the movie you will definitely like this book it has amazing illustrations just like the movie.  A lot of the illustrations have writing incorporated into it.

If you like cool monsters with awesome illustrations with a fun little message, then this is the book for you.