Lola Dutch by Kenneth and Sarah Jane Wright

Lola Dutch by Kenneth and Sarah Jane Wright

Lola Dutch by Kenneth and Sarah Jane WrightLola Dutch by Kenneth and Sarah Jane Wrigt
on January 30, 2018
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Meet Lola Dutch, a creative girl who is bursting with grand ideas.

From the best ways to serve breakfast -- an elegant feast! -- to the ideal sleeping spot -- a majestic blanket fort, of course! -- Lola is inspired all day long.

Her dear companion Bear sometimes says she is just too much, but Lola is rich with imagination and originality, which even Bear will agree is AMAZING.The unstoppable Lola Dutch is about to show you how to make every day grand and full of fun. You'll love her so much!

I don’t have a daughter, but if I did, I would want her to exactly like Lola Dutch! I love her!! This has to be one of the cutest books I have ever read! Not only are the illustrations charming and the message delightful, the cover turns into a dollhouse play sheet! Complete with a Bear and Lola Dutch Paper Doll!!! This book is just as cute as it looks! I love Lola Dutch! She’s spunky, sweet & sassy! She reminds me of someone I knew long ago! The illustrations are charming and the message is delightful! It’s such a fun book!! 


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