Spotlight and Author Interview! The Darcy Monologues

Spotlight and Author Interview! The Darcy Monologues

by Christina Boyd
Also by this author: Sun-Kissed: Effusions of Summer
Genres: Austenesque, Mr. Darcy Romance

Karen Cox Takes Readers from the Courtroom to the Schoolroom with Sara Angelini

When Christina snagged Sara Angelini as an author for The Darcy Monologues, I thought, “That’s one more stick of dynamite in an already explosively awesome project.”

I first read Sara’s The Trials of the Honorable Fitzwilliam Darcy in its online incarnation several years ago. It’s long been a favorite Austen-inspired modern: Lively courtroom banter fraught with increasingly maddening sexual tension, a wild and crazy London night ending with broken crystal place settings at the Ritz, a nail-biting bachelor auction and its heartrending aftermath. When Darcy said, in an aching, romantic moment, “For the rest of my life, Lizzy, I shall never be able to eat a pear without thinking of you.”, I knew pears would always make me think of Judge Darcy.

Sara has a way of writing our hero as a modern Austen might have: flawed, vulnerable in all the right places, and sexy as hell. So yes, “Trials” is an amazing book that takes the reader on a chaotic ride—not a traditional Austen path, but with characters that scream Lizzy and Darcy at every plot point. But, gentle readers, did you know Sara also has some marvelous unpublished pieces at Austen Underground? The website she co-founded contains some fluffy shorts, her most recent return to the courtroom, “Brief Encounters”, and a wonderful modern called “No Strings Attached” (I really love that one!) Her Darcy Monologues short story, “Hot for Teacher” promises the same wit, the same feisty Lizzy, and the same snarky and besotted Darcy.

Get ready for witty dialogue as sharp as your brand-new school pencils. Have some fun with your romance, my friends. You’re going to fall in love with Pemberley Academy’s principal in Sara Angelini’s “Hot for Teacher”! 


My Principal Darcy…

Sara Angelini

 Welcome to my blog, Sara. I have been eagerly waiting to share your interview with my readers and spotlight your story from The Darcy Monologues. I know it’s been a few years since you’ve published a JAFF story and this time you’ve written another modern Austenesque story based on Darcy and Elizabeth. As an author who is inspired to write during modern JAFF stories, why do believe Austen’s stories still speak to modern-day readers?


Because the essentials of her characters – their self-delusions, their vanities and weaknesses – remain true and relevant today. Who of us doesn’t see a little bit of Mr. Collins in an ex-boyfriend, or of Mrs. Bennet in our mother-in-laws?How did you come to be inspired by Miss Austen, as both a woman and as a writer?


Like many JAFF authors, I came to Jane Austen by way of television. After seeing the BBC production of P&P, I read the book, and then I was hooked. Her wit is timeless, as are her characters.


Your story, Hot For Teacher and Jane Austen, what do you think makes them work together?

I think Jane Austen wrote with an underlying mirth. When I read her work, I can hear her giggling at the follies of her characters. I think our characters would wink at each other and have a good laugh.

The modern-day woman appears as besotted as ever by Mr. Darcy. What were the attributes that you felt you needed to include in the Mr. Darcy character in your story?

Within Pride and Prejudice there is a reference by Bingley that while Mr. Darcy may be dour in the country, he seems to be lively when in London (paraphrasing). I have always interpreted that to mean that somewhere inside of Darcy is a stand-up comic waiting for his big break. I just can’t find a character enjoyable – or even sympathetic – if he or she has no sense of humor. Whenever I write Darcy, it is essential that he be able to laugh at himself.

Can you share a six-word memoir about yourself?

I don’t need the drama, mama.

What can readers look forward to reading from you in the future and how can readers stay in touch with you?


I always have a few stories simmering. All of my works are posted on I can also be reached directly by email at, on Facebook, and on twitter @sarapencil_sara.

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