Mr. Bennet’s Dutiful Daughter by: Joana Starnes

Mr. Bennet’s Dutiful Daughter by: Joana Starnes

Mr. Bennet’s Dutiful Daughter by: Joana StarnesMr Bennet’s Dutiful Daughter by Joana Starnes
Genres: Austenesque
Format: eBook
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When Colonel Fitzwilliam’s disclosures are interrupted by the bearer of distressing news from Longbourn, Miss Elizabeth Bennet is compelled to consider an offer she would have otherwise dismissed out of hand. An offer of marriage from the all-too-proud Mr Darcy.

Yet how is she to live with a husband she hardly knows and does not love? Would she be trapped in a marriage of convenience while events conspire to divide them? Or would love grow as, day by day and hour after hour, she learns to understand the man she married, before she loses his trust and his heart?


This variation was absolutely breathtaking! Mr. Bennet’s Dutiful Daughter was so well written, that it tugged on every single one of the heartstrings in my chest.

The union of Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam was not as easy as we Darcy lovers would hope. 

Mr. Darcy has loved Elizabeth since the beginning and hearing him tell her how much and for how long he had admired her makes you love and adore him so much more. He is so kind, thoughtful and romantic.

We know the story of Elizabeth and her feelings for Darcy but this story takes them and gives them new life. Her reasons for marrying him, and her slow burn and path to being very much in love with him was such a sight to see.

Of course the path of love never runs smooth and it proves most true in this book.  Full of emotion, filled with angst, this book took me on quite a ride of feelings. Get your tissues out, you are going to need them.

I found this novel to be wonderful! This the first book I have read by Joana and I know I want to go back and read many more.







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Joana Starnes lives in the south of England with her family. A medical graduate, in more recent years she has developed an unrelated but enduring fascination with Georgian Britain in general and the works of Jane Austen in particular, as well as with the remarkable and flamboyant set of people who have given the Regency Period its charm and sparkle.


* ‘From This Day Forward ~ The Darcys of Pemberley’, a ‘Pride & Prejudice’ sequel
* ‘The Subsequent Proposal ~ A Tale of Pride, Prejudice & Persuasion’
* ‘The Second Chance’, a ‘Pride & Prejudice’ ~ ‘Sense & Sensibility’ variation
* ‘The Falmouth Connection’, a ‘Pride & Prejudice’ variation where Jane Austen’s beloved characters are compelled to leave their tame and reasonably peaceful lives in the south of England and travel to the far reaches of Cornwall, into a world of deceit and peril, where few – if any! – are what they seem to be…
* ‘The Unthinkable Triangle’, a ‘Pride & Prejudice’ variation that dwells on the most uncomfortable love-triangle of them all. What if Mr. Darcy’s rival for Miss Bennet’s hand and heart is none other than his dearest, closest friend? And how can they all find their ‘happily-ever-after’?
*’Miss Darcy’s Companion’ – a variation that explores what might have happened if the warm-hearted Miss Elizabeth Bennet were employed instead of the scheming Mrs Younge.


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