Small Town Scandal by Daisy Prescott Review

Small Town Scandal by Daisy Prescott Review

Small Town Scandal by Daisy Prescott ReviewSmall Town Scandal by Daisy Prescott
Also by this author: Bewitched
Format: eARC
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Another wingman meets his match and this time it's scandalous.

Carter Kelso is a man with a plan. And goats.
Ashley Kingston is a woman with a reputation.
Can he earn back her love before their past catches up with them and destroys everything?

On the island, my last name is synonymous with scandal. With a notorious father and a famous brother, I've been on the sidelines of our small town's gossip circle for years. Nothing to see here. Just a man and his goats, happily going through life. Not a care in the world. Too bad it's all lies.

I'm tired of trying not to be in love with Ashley Kingston, our very own island jezebel. Some people think she's a slut. They think they know her. They're wrong. Screw them.

Reputations can be deceiving. I should know.

Small Town Scandal is a second chance romance standalone novel and the fifth book in the Wingmen series. You do not have to read the other novels first.

Aaaaaand another one bites the dust in Daisy Prescott’s latest novel set on our favorite island. I love this place! Every single story makes you feel like you are coming home to some of your very best friends and not to mention the simple fact that Daisy’s books give me goosebumps.  Her style is fun, real, warm, witty and so romantic. I find myself extra excited to have one of her book in my hands.

It is often hard for an author to redeem a character we already love to hate, and Daisy does just that with Ashley in Small Town Scandal. I never really hated her, I just thought she was a bit crazy but after we get her backstory we know she has been given a hard row to hoe (no pun intended.) I love second chance romance and Daisy’s books are always a breath of fresh air. Her heroes and heroines are people you would really want to be friends with! I long to live on the island and snag me a Whidbey Island man! DAISY WRITE ONE MORE FOR ME!!!! 

Speaking of men, OH EMM GEE Carter Kelso. The romance oozes off the pages with this one. His stance for his girl, and his determination to win her back after years of a broken heart had me giddy, had me in tears and had me swooning all the way through. Daisy delivers once again and already has me looking forward to whatever she has next up her sleeve!