First Light by Bill Rancic

First Light by Bill Rancicby Bill Rancic

“First Light is gripping from the very first page. It’s a powerful novel of love, heroism, redemption, and ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. But at its core it’s a beautifully written story of the human heart emerging from the brink of darkness. Emotionally engaging from beginning to end, I had to keep reminding myself to breathe. This is a book to savor, and one that will linger in your heart long after you turn the last page.”—Karen White, New York Times bestselling author of Flight Patterns

“A captivating and harrowing debut. . . First Light is, at its core, a story of love and family, told within an engrossing page-turner about endurance and hope.”—Booklist

“A heartfelt, touching family story about love and sacrifice. . . The setting and events are vividly described, and the bone-chilling cold and despair of the passengers is palpable. . . Uplifting.”—RT Book Reviews

Set amid the deep, wild woods of the Yukon, First Light tells the story of Daniel Albrecht and Kerry Egan, a young couple just beginning their life together: in love, engaged, and, as Kerry soon discovers, expecting their first child. While they are flying home from a work trip in Alaska to plan their wedding in Chicago, both engines of their plane catch fire and send the plane careening into a mountainside in the middle of a terrible snowstorm. Kerry is seriously injured in the accident, and Daniel—the one person among the passengers with some survival experience—makes the courageous decision to search for help, hoping against hope that he can return to save his fellow travelers, especially the woman he loves.

Thus begins a harrowing and suspenseful race against time and the elements, as it becomes clear that not everyone will make it out alive. As the couple’s story draws to a close, the surprising truth about the boy’s life, and that of his parents’ marriage, will at last be divulged.

“FIRST LIGHT pulls from my own life experiences to tell a fictional story of love, survival and hope,” says Rancic. “My desire is that people finish this book feeling empowered to tackle life’s countless challenges and obstacles. I believe through determination and faith anything can be achieved no matter how insurmountable the odds may appear. It was an incredible, cathartic experience writing my first novel, and I hope everyone finds the same inspiration and thrill while reading it that I had while putting it together.”

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Bill Rancic burst onto the national scene as the first-ever winner of the NBC hit series The Apprentice. More than ten years later, he continues to wear many hats as a television producer, bestselling author, television personality, and restaurateur. Rancic currently spends his time speaking to corporations and organizations around the world on motivational and business topics; developing real estate as part of his multi-million-dollar enterprise in Chicago; co-owning RPM restaurant group, whose restaurants currently include RPM Steak in Chicago and RPM Italian with locations in Chicago and Washington, D.C.; and producing and appearing in several television programs, including those produced by him and Giuliana as part of You and I Productions, the production company they established in 2008. In addition, Rancic’s numerous philanthropic activities include building homes for victims of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, and serving as an active board member for the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls in Chicago.

Rancic’s previous books include the New York Times bestselling business book You’re Hired: How To Succeed in Business and Life, which chronicles his successes, experiences, and proven advice, and the co-author with wife Giuliana of I Do, Now What? in which the two share their secrets to everlasting love. He is also the author of a young readers’ book, Beyond the Lemonade Stand, which seeks to educate and motivate young people worldwide about the value of money and how to leverage skills, talents, and abilities at an early age, with all proceeds from the book’s sale going to charity.

Bill and Giuliana, who married in 2007, live in Chicago and Los Angeles with their son, Duke.

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