My Favorite Middle Grade Books of 2016!

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Yes, I know, I read a lot of books. You kind of need to as a librarian, I really like to know what I put on our shelves. Not only is it my job but it is my passion. Reading makes me whole. I was so lucky to be sent so many amazing middle grade books this past year. There is so much greatness going on in this particular genre. So much in fact that many of my favorite YA writers are now dabbling in MG and the outcome has been fantastic! The books I was able to read simply took my breath away. 



  1. Sheila L. Majczan says

    I was in Junior High School during the years 1959 &1960 (7th and 8th grades) and I never read any of the above – were they even published? Assigned summer reading for 7th grade was Jane Eyre and I loved it so I reread it about 7 more times. I remember as a substitute teacher at Middle School Level how popular Harry Potter books were and then Twilight came along also.

    • Margiesmustreads says

      This are books that were published this year for middle grade. I love Jane Eyre too!! It is more of a high school required reading these days. I am so happy to say that Harry Potter and Twilight are still very popular in both the Junior High and High Schools even to this day!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. LOVE this post and want to hug the whole group of books – so many good ones. Your students are so blessed to have you as their librarian! Happy new year!

  3. Margiesmustreads says

    I loved MG so much this year!! The books are so wonderful!!!

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