This Can’t Be Love (Whispering Bay #5) by Maria Geraci

This Can’t Be Love (Whispering Bay #5) by Maria GeraciWhy Can't This Be Love by Maria Geraci
Also by this author: A Girl Like You, Then He Kissed Me, That Man of Mine, The Best for Last, Hold on to Forever
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC
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Welcome to the world of Whispering Bay romance, where hot heroes and smart heroines collide to find their happily-ever-afters!

Luke Powers has a stellar career, a loaded bank account, and the perfect girlfriend. Or so he thought until she gives him a marriage ultimatum. Unfortunately, he’s just not the marrying kind. After working six months non-stop, all he wants now is a few weeks of R&R in the beach house his late grandfather left him in his hometown of Whispering Bay. But when he shows up late one night, he finds something totally unexpected—a naked blonde in his bed.

Sarah Jamison is the antithesis of perfect. She’s a college dropout, a bit of a slob, and annoyingly opinionated. But she also makes the best macaroni and cheese Luke has ever tasted. A roommate wasn’t in Luke’s summer plans, but she’s here, so she and her macaroni might as well stay.

Sarah is in Whispering Bay long enough to help out a friend, then she’s off to greener pastures. Spending a few weeks with the attractive, but acerbic Luke, won’t be any skin off her nose. Except, the two of them have more in common than she originally thought, and those blue eyes of his have a way of making her panties melt.

As things between them begin to heat up, Sarah and Luke have to admit they’ve definitely fallen in lust with one another. But in love? No way.

Welcome to Whispering Bay where the gossip is good and the romance is racy! I enjoyed Luke and Sarah’s story to the point of a belly ache! I laughed so hard at this dynamic duo! They were so wrong for each other that they were so right. I loved the push and pull of these two, and visiting with old WB friends is always my favorite part! I love Maria Geraci’s writing, her style is so smooth! You breeze through her stories with much merriment and before you know it; it’s over, leaving you longing for more. I have read every single one of her books and Maria is able to tell a story that sounds fresh and new every single time. I don’t know how she does it but I LOVE IT!!

Ever since I saw the title of this book, this song was stuck in my head. It is perfect!