The Trouble to Check Her by Maria Grace

Lydia Bennet, just the sound of her name makes good people roll their eyes with disapproval. I mean, lets face it, she is not the most beloved Bennet Sister. But for some reason despite all her crazy, selfish and immature shinianigans, I have always liked Lydia.  She is funny, self-centered and utterly ridiculous.  I love […]

Review! Mistaking Her Character by Maria Grace

Maria Grace gives us a very interesting variation of Pride & Prejudice in her new book Mistaking Her Character.  One that gives us a different picture of The Bennets we know and love. I think it is quite gutsy and admirable when an author decides to change the dynamics between characters and turn them into […]

The Darcy Brothers Blog Tour Stop!

I am absolutely thrilled to participate in The Darcy Brothers Blog Tour!!! I love The Darcy Brothers and I am certain you will too!!!  Darcy licked his lips, which had suddenly turned dry. Oh, for a drink to quench his parched throat, or better still, several sniffers of brandy to loosen his tongue! He was […]

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