Character Interview! Without a Conscience by Cat Gardiner

Character Interview! Without a Conscience by Cat Gardiner

Character Interview! Without a Conscience by Cat GardinerWithout a Conscience by Cat Gardiner
Also by this author: Denial of Conscience: A Modern Darcy & Elizabeth Adventure, Villa Fortuna, , Undercover, A Moment Forever
Genres: Austenesque
This is the exciting sequel to Denial of Conscience, a modern Darcy and Elizabeth adventure of international intrigue. Romance, Suspense, Passion, and Danger

Someone wants to kill The Iceman, Fitzwilliam Darcy, and will stop at nothing to lure him into the open. Out for retribution, the son of an assassinated South American drug lord is seeking payback. His diabolical objective puts Operation Macarena into play by dangling bait guaranteed to entice his enemy. Can Darcy’s new bride, Liz, accept his decision to leave their tranquil life at Pemberley to resume the deadly profession he swore was behind them forever?

But are Darcy and Liz each fully satisfied with their simple, peaceful existence raising polo ponies and planning exotic vacations? Darcy set Liz’s spirit free; how can she resist the urge to ride on the wild side? Perhaps coming out of retirement is just what her husband needs because The Iceman never truly melted.

Without a Conscience takes readers on an adventure from the dangerous Peruvian Amazon Basin to the salacious underbelly of Parisian nightlife, leading toward a perilous rescue in Moscow.

Conscience or no, but propelled by love, Liz and Darcy re-enter the realm of international intrigue for the one and only thing they know is truly worth fighting for: each other.


MMR: Hello Mr. Darcy. How is retired life treating you? (I ask as I fill my eyes with the perfection that is Iceman Darcy…I really hope he doesn’t notice.)

FD: Thinks; hand smooths over chin before smiling slightly* Life is good. I’m happy to be back at Pemberley and it’s nice to be back here – in the hot seat – with you once again, Margie.

(Yes, I blush like a silly school girl, I am thrilled to know I made an impression the last time…but GAH! Believe me ladies if you were in my spot right now, you wouldn’t blame me)

MMR: How is Liz? What is she up to these days?

FD: *Chuckles* She’s up to driving me crazy, but I love it. As you know, last year’s events got her out of Longbourn, and she’s enjoying herself like a bat outta hell now. My wife is enjoying her new Harley and is learning to horse ride, too. She’s happy.

MMR: How is married life?

FD: Hmm… better than ever imagined. We’re very happy, but, it goes without saying that I’m still learning, still attempting to figure my wife out. You know … I don’t have a great track record with women. *clears throat* Recently I read a motorcycle quote and it was so spot on as it relates to Liz and marriage: “The most important thing is to have a good relationship with the bike… you have to understand what she wants.” My goal is to give Liz everything she wants so that she stays happy and our marriage remains smooth. We promised “forever” and I take my promises seriously.

MMR: Is that a blush on your cheeks that I see?

FD: Please don’t tell her that. She already says I’m a sap. It’s not good for my Iceman image.

MMR: Tell us a normal day in the life of The Darcy’s.

FD: Well that sort of varies, but mostly – I wake at 5 most days; she sleeps to 8. I’ll make her breakfast, over which we’ll bicker over granola or how fast she rode through the hills the day before. *smiles shyly* We’ll make up …  then I’ll head to the barn, train the polo ponies for a couple of hours. After lunch, Liz and I will go out exploring on the motorcycles, find ourselves a park … read to each other … bicker … make up … *smiles shyly again.” We’re still newlyweds, you know.

MMR: What is the latest book you read?  How was it?

FD: Don’t tell Liz, but I’m currently reading a Dostoyevsky, The House of the Dead. I’ve never been one for Russian Literature, but after my father-in-law’s obsession with Crime and Punishment last year, I’m trying to get inside his head. The man grates on my very last nerve. On a lighter side … together, Liz and I are reading The Hit by David Baldacci.

MMR: Oh? That’s a little close to home isn’t it?

FD:*Chuckles* Yeah. It’s a good book. I’m impressed at the author’s grasp on the life of a hitman but living it is different story, especially when a woman comes into the picture. Liz likes that a female contract killer is sent to assassinate the main character. I always said she had skills, so long as they’re not directed at me!

MMR: What is on the night stand of Mrs. Darcy?

FD: A picture of me. *Laughs* Just kidding. Always a book, lip balm. I think, a tube of hand lotion. She keeps her jewelry in a music box that I purchased for her on our honeymoon at Lake Garda in Italy. It plays “Nessun Dorma” from opera Turandot.

MMR: So give us updates on Jane, Bingley and Caroline, Everyone ok?

FD: Everyone is good. Jane is working as a part-time instructor at the dance school, which, to me is kinda odd. My sister-in-law has no experience, but that’s none of my business. So long as Charlie’s happy – and he is – that’s all that matters. Caroline? Well, she’s still with Rick. That, too, is none of my business. The woman’s a blood-sucking viper. Glad, I’m through with Obsidian just so I don’t have to deal with her. From what I’m told by the new guy who took my place, John Knightley, she hasn’t changed her cheating ways.

MMR: Are you all dressing up for Halloween?

FD: Please don’t make me tell you. I’m mortified but like I said, I want to make Liz happy.  The dance school is having a party and she really wants to go.

*Raises Eyebrow*

FD: Fine … *shields eyes behind hand, then shakes head and groans*  … Popeye and Olive Oyl.  God, she’s stripping me of every bit of Iceman!

MMR: C’mon …It’s not that bad! It is really cute actually. I’m sure you don’t really mind.

FD: You’re right. I’m not that man any longer. If Liz wants Popeye the sailor, well then her ex-SEAL will smoke a pipe and eat spinach.

MMR: How will you all spend the holidays?

FD: We’re headed to North Carolina to spend Christmas with my sister Georgiana and her fiancé Justin. With the Reynoldses leaving to visit their grandchildren in Florida, we decided to spend a couple of weeks in Asheville. It’s beautiful that time of year. They’re getting married in a few months and I know that Liz is anxious to make plans.

MMR: OK, now for the fun…

Coffee or Tea? – I quit coffee, attempting to quit whiskey.

Cupcakes or cookies?Real men don’t eat cupcakes, you know that, Margie!

Boxers or briefs?*blushes, again, shakes head* You’ll have to ask Liz

PJs or Nude? What do you think?

MMR: Thank you so much for stopping by!

FD: Thank you, Margie. It’s been a great visit. Liz thought you might be interested in going for a spin in my new Ferrari? Are you game for some speed?



Cat Gardiner loves romance and happy endings, history, comedy, and Jane Austen. A member of National League of American Pen Women, Romance Writers of America, and her local chapter TARA, she enjoys writing across the spectrum of Pride and Prejudice inspired romance novels. From the comedic Christmas, Chick Lit Lucky 13 and bad boy biker Darcy in the steamy adventure Denial of Conscience, to the romantic comedy Villa Fortuna and the sultry 1950s Noir Undercover, these contemporary novels will appeal to many Austenesque lovers.

Her greatest love is writing 20th Century Historical Fiction, WWII–era Romance. Her debut novel, A Moment Forever was released in May 2016. She is currently working on her next, The Song is You.

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