Caroline by Sue Barr

Caroline by Sue Barr

Caroline by Sue BarrCaroline by Sue Barr
Also by this author: Catherine
Genres: Austenesque, Christian Romance

Whatever happened to Caroline Bingley after her brother and unrequited love interest married a Bennet sister? Join me in this story of redemptive love and the healing of broken dreams.

Caroline Bingley, beyond frustrated with her brother, Charles and Mr. Darcy both proposing to the Bennet sisters, dreads their upcoming nuptials. For three years, her sole focus has been on attaining a marriage proposal from one Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley, only to be foiled by a country miss with ‘fine eyes’.  Adrift and not sure of her place in life, she meets the mysterious and devastatingly handsome Lord Nathan, who equally vexes and intrigues her.

Lord Nathan Kerr, third in line to a Dukedom, had a well-earned reputation as a Rake. He cast all that and his noble title aside to become Mr. Darcy’s vicar in Kympton, finding contentment in leading his small flock and doing the Lord’s work. His plan for a quiet, country life is thrown into upheaval when he meets the fiery Miss Bingley. Can he reconcile his rising desire for the spoiled miss with how a vicar’s wife ‘should’ behave?

“If you are looking for a husband, you are going about it the wrong way.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” A wary look crossed her face when he framed her face with both of his hands. “What…what are you doing?”

He was inexplicably drawn to the shape of her lips and wanted to lose himself in their silken texture. He wanted her attention to be solely on him, not Fitzwilliam Darcy. Slow and deliberate, never removing his gaze from hers, he leaned in. Her eyelashes fluttered down and the heat of their breath mixed.

The fact they were in the stables of his benefactor never once crossed his mind. Not until the whinny of a nearby horse pierced the haze of desire that shrouded his reasoning. Caroline must have heard it too because her eyes flew open and she stepped back, breaking the spell that had almost ended in a kiss.

What had he been thinking? If they’d been caught, not only would it ruin her reputation, but he could just as easily lose his position as Darcy’s vicar.

“Forgive me. I don’t know what came over me.” But he did. The Rake, the seducer of women, the man he used to be had reared his ugly head and it shook him to the core. “I will escort you back to the house where you may repair the damage before dinner.”

“I am perfectly able to find my own way, Lord Nathan.” Any softness he’d detected earlier disappeared behind a façade of politeness and he did not blame her one bit. He’d treated her worse than a libertine.

“I’m well aware you can find your own way but we wouldn’t want you to lose your footing again. Who knows what might happen then.”

He knew he’d poked the bear, and was glad his sainted Mother couldn’t see him now. What was it about this young woman that brought out the worst in him? Ever since he’d given his heart to the Lord, he’d never once thought of kissing anyone, not even Miss Tottingham. He’d been quite content to wait until they were married to become more intimate. He cast his mind back to their brief courtship and couldn’t recall if he’d even kissed her hand.

There was something about Miss Bingley that made him want to ruffle her feathers. To find out if he shattered her composure as easily as she did his.

“Oh, you insufferable…” Caroline began to stalk off, muttering under her breath.

“I’m sorry, Miss Bingley. Did you say something?” He grinned as he watched her storm toward the main house. When she whirled to face him, skirts flaring about her delicate ankles, he clamped his mouth tight so she wouldn’t catch him laughing. Her feathers were more than ruffled now.

“I stated you were an insufferable oaf, amongst other things.” She stomped her foot. “How you vex me. And to think I waited three days for you to call—”

Her eyes widened and her mouth fell open as she realized what she’d admitted. Without another word, she picked up her skirts and turned to run. Her admission stunned him at the same time a thrill coursed through his veins. She’d waited for him to call. However, he couldn’t let her leave in such a state. At best, his behavior had been uncouth, at worst, ungentlemanlike. He had to make amends, and quickly.

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Sue Barr resides in beautiful Southwestern Ontario with her retired Air Force hubby, two sons and their families. She’s also an indentured servant to three cats and has been known to rescue a kitten or two, or three…in an attempt to keep her ‘cat-lady-in-training’ status current. Although, she has deviated from appointed path and rescued a few dogs as well.

Sue is a member of Romance Writers of America and their affiliate chapter, Love, Hope and Faith as well as American Christian Fiction Writers.

For more information about her other books, visit her website:

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