SOUND EFFECTS A Ripple Effects Novel L.J. Greene

SOUND EFFECTS A Ripple Effects Novel L.J. Greene

by L.J. Greene
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A Ripple Effects Novel
L.J. Greene
Releasing Oct 10th, 2016
When an
uncharacteristically rash decision lands law school graduate Melody Grayson in
San Francisco’s dicey Tenderloin District, she comes face to face with a
dangerously tempting man who embodies every mistake she swore she would never
repeat. Passionate, sexy, and far more insightful than she’d care to admit, he
causes her to question everything she thought she knew about her future. Now
she’ll have to decide where the bigger risk lies: in the prudent path she has
been working tirelessly to pursue, or in the intriguing but uncertain one he’s
Irish-born musician Jamie Callahan is no stranger to chaos; he’s lived a
lifetime of it. But in the fall of 2004, when the music industry is on the
verge of massive upheaval, the life he aspires to could come at a heavier price
than he’s prepared to pay. And while Melody may be the ideal person to help him
navigate the gambles he must take, a relationship with her might be his biggest
gamble yet.
EFFECTS is a standalone dual POV adult contemporary romance that captures the
gloriously unpredictable nature of life, in which the path from who you are, to
who you’re meant to become may not be a straight one. It may also have a few
bumps. Sexy, humor-filled, and relatable, Sound Effects is a story about living
passionately, staying true to yourself, and finding that one magic person who
makes the journey of self-discovery an adventure worth taking.
tagexcetIt wasn’t just one thing about him–his beautiful eyes fringed with thick lashes, the richness of his dark, auburn hair, the curved mouth, or the solid frame–it was how it all came together so devastatingly. This man had a magnetism that was absolutely undeniable, like a secret so big it just oozed out of him, despite any effort he may take to keep it in check. And I knew right then and there, if he ever turned it loose on me for real, I’d be finished.

“Abort! Abort!” my head shouted, but to no avail; my body was not listening.

Because to top it all off, like catnip to a kitten, he was carrying a guitar. 

It was beautiful Gibson dreadnought, slung behind his back and positioned in such an organic way that it looked a part of him. The way he cradled it gently with his elbow told me it was a part of him. And everything I loved and hated about musicians came rushing back to me in a surfeit of hormones and horror stories. He was my siren song.

“I’m Jamie Callahan.” The siren had a name. Jamie, I said in my head. I think I may have sniffed him a little, too. Subtly, of course. 



a standalone romance
is a self-professed obsessive multi-tasker who
writes really boring stuff by day and lets her inner romantic fly by night.
This California native is married to the most amazing man and has two beautiful
children, not old enough to read her books. (They probably wouldn’t want to
anyway on account of the “Ew, gross” factor.) She’s an avid reader of all
genres, with an embarrassingly large eBook collection and a weird penchant for
reading the acknowledgements pages of the books she buys. She’s also a music
lover with no apparent musical talent, a travel enthusiast, and a cheese

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