Oh, how the years fly by! by Annette Bridges

Oh, how the years fly by! by Annette Bridges

Oh, how the years fly by!

A whimsical coloring journey. . .

A whimsical inspirational journey . . .
Annette Bridges
Genre: Inspirational Adult Coloring & Quote Books
Date of Publication: August 1, 2016
Publisher: Ranch House Press
# of pages: 72


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Oh, how the years fly by! A whimsical coloring journey is an adult coloring book that features thirty vibrant original illustrations and quotes that will take you on an enchanting voyage of reflection. Be reminded of the simple pleasures that make you feel happy. Find the encouragement you need to nourish your soul and refresh your spirit. Get out your colored pencils or crayons and discover the stress relieving, calming pleasure of coloring.  
Oh, how the years fly by! A whimsical inspirational journey is a smaller hardcover full-color rendition of the coloring book featuring the same illustrations and quotes.


Where did your love of writing come from?

It’s hard to remember where my love of writing came from. It seems like I’ve always loved to keep diaries and journals. One of my earliest writing memories is after my mom divorced my dad when I was ten years old and we began our journey from Georgia to Texas. There are those who would have called us homeless and poor. But that was never the view we had of ourselves. I thought we were on an adventure to a find a new world. And my mom had a way of making me believe we had all we needed. I remember my mom encouraging me to write down everything I was grateful for every day.

How long have you been writing?

I started writing publicly the Christmas after 9/11.  My daughter (my only child) left for college two weeks before September 11, 2001. That Christmas was a time when it seemed like everyone was fearful about what would happen next and joy wasn’t as easy to come by as it once was. I wanted to share about the Christmas during our westward journey after my mom’s divorce. We had a Charlie Brown Christmas tree and made our decorations. We had very little but against all odds that Christmas is one of my happiest Christmas memories. I wanted others to know it was possible to feel happy in spite of living in uncertainty and fearful times. I sent my story in to the Dallas Morning News and they published it. That was the beginning of a decade of published newspaper and magazine columns.

What kinds of writing do you do?

My column writing years became the basis for three books. And I have more books I could write and want to write. These books are non-fiction, short story memoirs. They are light-hearted and inspirational. Hope-filled. Encouraging. Between the three books, the lives and experiences of three generations of southern women are shared: mine, my mamma’s and my daughter’s.

My children’s coloring storybook teaches children about friendship, how to be a good friend and was inspired by a young childhood friendship of mine. The primary lesson teaches children how you can be very different from each other and still be friends, even best friends. This also describes the friendship between my dachshund and my daughter’s dachshund – Lady and Bella. So the dachshunds became the book’s characters. It’s a fictional story in a dachshund’s world! There’s another Lady and Bella friendship story in my children’s cookbook, Lady and Bella’s Alphabet Kitchen.

What is something you want to accomplish before you die?

I can imagine many more books but there is one I really hope I get to write. It will require me traveling and retracing the route my grandmother traveled from Georgia to California when she journeyed alone as a single 20 year old woman in 1911. She was meeting the man she would marry who was already in California waiting for her arrival. They had met in Georgia and he went ahead to get a job and place for them to live after they married. She was such a brave, sassy, bold and adventurous woman. It will be a fictional story because I don’t know all of her story. So writing a fiction novel will be a first for me. There’s a lot I do know (and not telling now) so you’ll have to wait to read my book to find out all of her dirty little secrets as well as the scandalous ones that made the newspapers!

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

The ability to make everyone live forever!



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Annette Bridges is an author, publisher and women’s retreat host on a mission to help every woman realize her story is extraordinary, valuable and noteworthy.



Before writing books, this former public school and home school educator spent a decade writing hundreds of helpful, instructive, and lighthearted columns published by Texas newspapers, parenting magazines, websites, and bloggers.




Annette lives on a Texas cattle ranch with her husband John, dachshund Lady, and lots of cows. She can drive a tractor but only if wearing a fresh coat of lipstick and it’s not her pedicure day!



Annette loves to journal in color and create word art. She especially enjoys coloring with glitter markers. She looks forward to spending hours with her daughter coloring this book and giggling together as they remember their many happy adventures.





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