Margie’s Must Reads…Read a Romance Book a Month Challenge!

Margie’s Must Reads…Read a Romance Book a Month Challenge!

Life is hard.  The world is not kind at times. Books are the remedy for happiness.  Reading helps relieve stress and makes you smarter.   These are all known and even proven facts.

But did you know that reading Romance Books has a few surprising health benefits too? Yes, I know that a happily ever after with a hot bod on the cover is a work of fiction, but sometimes, that is just what you need.  To get lost in the pages of an unrealistic romance may be just what the doctor ordered! To live vicariously on a ranch with a hot cowboy…Don’t judge me, you love it too! Romance is suppose to be far fetched and unrealistic, this is why we read it, to escape the everyday, to forget the crazy of our unpredictable world, trade it in for the time traveling Hot Scot, he is delicious! 

Because I read romance doesn’t make me dumb. I do not have an unhealthy, unrealistic view about life.  I live in a very real world, with a real job, real kids, a real husband, and a very busy life so when I catch a break, my idea of complete bliss is to curl up with a romance novel.  It is a safe and fun pastime. It gives me the opportunity to recharge and relax. And when I am done, I get back to my very real life with appreciation.

I am all about the Book Club…I am the Queen of them actually.  I participate in a quite a few and I love them. I feel when you have people who share your passion for books you have so much more fun reading!  I have created a little reading challenge for the friends of Margie’s Must Reads…it is a realistic one, a Romance Book a Month Challenge.   Just ONE!!  We can all do it!! Every month has a different genre in romance and I am excited to see who will join me!


If you wish to join our group please click here.


Here are the deets of the Challenge!

January: Read a Jane Austen Retelling

February: Read a YA Romance

March: Read a Western/Cowboy Romance

April: Read a Contemporary Romance

May: Read a Classic Retelling

June: Read a Fairy Tale Retelling

July: Read a Diverse Romance Book

August: Read a Book that is Going to be a Movie

September: Read a Sports Romance

October: Read a Historical Romance

November: Read a Romance about Second Chances

December: Read a Holiday Romance


 Below are a few links to articles on the benefits of reading.

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Happy Reading!!!

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