Mateo Reviews Dracula by Jennifer Adams (BabyLit)


Meet 2 friends, Mina and Lucy, and the 5 heroes who try to save them from the dreaded Count Dracula in Dracula: A BabyLit Counting Primer. Make sure you’re wearing a necklace of 10 garlic flowers as you count wolves, ships, tombstones, and boxes full of soil in this witty retelling of Little Master Stoker’s classic Gothic tale.



Mateo gives it 5 Top Hats!



I love Baby Lit Books.  These board books are so good for the little ones.  The pictures are fun, the colors are vibrant and they always bring a smile to my Mateo’s face.

Dracula is a Counting Primer and in addition to numbers your baby is introduced to the characters and setting of the original Dracula story!

This book is sturdy and has passed our wear and tear test!  It has been banged around, thrown about and has even been gnawed on a time or two. And to our satisfaction, it has NOT lost its shape or luster.

Baby Lit books are easy to keep clean and last a while.

I give Dracula 5 big mama hearts!

5 heartsmateosBL

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