Review: I Survived The Japanese Tsunami, 2011 by Lauren Tarshis




The disaster felt around the world . . .

Visiting his dad’s hometown in Japan four months after his father’s death would be hard enough for Ben. But one morning the pain turns to fear: first, a massive earthquake rocks the quiet coastal village, nearly toppling his uncle’s house. Then the ocean waters rise and Ben and his family are swept away-and pulled apart-by a terrible tsunami.

Now Ben is alone, stranded in a strange country a million miles from home. Can he fight hard enough to survive one of the most epic disasters of all time?



This book is about a ten year old boy that is visiting his dad’s hometown in Japan.  Soon an earthquake hits the coastal line and a tsunami hits the small village.  He is in for a fight for his life to survive this devastating disaster.

I really liked this book because it feels like you are really there.  The descriptions of the tragedy and the feelings Ben has over what has happened because of the Tsunami give feeling to this story.  There was one part that made me sad which made it hard for me to finish the book.  But I did finish and it was an ending that was good for the family.  Lauren Tarshis is one of my favorite writers because she can make words come to life.

I give this book 4 Top Hats!






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